The Top Bread-Making Tools

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Making your own bread can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it's important to have the right tools. In this post, we'll take a look at some of the most essential bread-making tools, as well as some tips on how to use them.

The Top Bread-Making Tools

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced baker, these tools will help you create delicious and perfectly formed loaves of bread every time. Let's get started!

We almost all love bread. It comes in many shapes, sizes, forms, and tastes. Whether you are a newbie or an expert, making delicious bread definitely needs hard work and effort.

It can be made either through many forms of cooking such as baking, frying, toasting, and many more.

Although, bread may only require a few basic ingredients or the four main ingredients in bread making which is the flour, salt, water, and yeast.

And the rest will be up to you in adding flavorings, fillings, and coatings.

The traditional way of making bread is great!

But thanks to technology and development, many have come up with innovative tools for bread making. 

It is not really easy to make bread without having the proper and right materials.

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If you really like and love bread making then it’s also great to invest in things that will make your bun making to be more convenient and get that restaurant-quality results.

Especially when making dough, creating icing, fillings, and other mixtures, it may require some tough muscles to knead, roll and blend the mixtures.

Today, we are breaking down the top bread-making tools for you to have more convenient and easier baking.

The Top Bread-Making Tools

Digital Scale

It can be crucial when baking bread if measurements are not proportionate making your batter and dough.

For bread-making tools, first on the list are digital scales.

Great for bakers to weigh an accurate amount of measurements in helping them to get that perfect and consistent result. 

It is known to measure ingredients and to measure the portion of batches of bread.

Although measuring cups are great, for more accurate and convenient measuring is to use the kitchen scale.

It can give you a precise number to know if your flour or water is too much or just too little.

Digital scales are also inexpensive and require less investment. It is a great tool for bakers to help them make amazing bread.

Stand or Hand Mixer

Although you can knead your dough with hand, stand and hand mixers are recommended. This is a great tool to speed up the process of kneading especially if you are making big batches of bread.

These mixers are truly worth the investment because it doubles the effort in making batches of bread.

The Top Bread-Making Tools

Bench Scraper

Kitchen knives are great to cut bread but bench scrapers are extra special.

2 in 1 cheap tool for bread-making? Yes, please!

Another inexpensive tool is bench scrapers. This is a flat, rectangular tool to divide and portion out batches of dough in an instant cut. The most standard and common bench scrapers are made of stainless steel but you can also get plastic ones.

They do not stick to your dough and help you keep your hands and fingers clean.

They are versatile tools because scrapers have also been used by many bakers to also clean their working space.

Decorating turntable

Another awesome tool for bread making is decorating turntables. These devices are commonly used for decorating cakes, but really, you can use this for any food just like bread!

If you love to decorate bread, adding icing and delightful fillings, this tool is a great way for you to explore your decorating skills.

The Top Bread-Making Tools

Bread Knife

Cutting loaves and donuts can be challenging for ordinary knives but bread knives will make your life easier. 

Of course – the famous bread knife. This convenient tool is built with edges and sharpness that are perfect when making bread. 

It has serrated blades having the ability to cut soft and moist bread.

They are also great for cutting delicate pastries and cakes.

They glide the best when used when cutting bread!

Reusable bowl covers

It is common for the dough to rise especially when making bread because of self-rising ingredients such as yeast or adding baking soda and baking powder or more. 

Reusable bowl covers are very helpful to cover your dough to rise and to prevent the dryness of your mixture. 

They are also good to avoid coming off any unnecessary dirt with your dough while waiting to rise.

Plus, just like what the name said… they are reusable, meaning they are washable and quite eco-friendly too.

We love an eco-friendly bread-making tool!

Check out this Ginger Pear Bread. It is simply delicious and one of my favorites!

The Top Bread-Making Tools

Cooling Rack

One of the coolest tools for bread-making… the cooling rack!

These cool kids are great for placing your baked goods to cool down and prevent your bread from getting soggy.

They are also great for fried bread such as donuts and more.

The racks are usually made from wires to prevent any excess oils from your bread. They do not stick to your bread and are a great handy tool for bread making.

Loaf Pan

This usually comes in a rectangular or square shape. It is a deep dish or pans great for making bread.

It helps to shape the bread while rising such as loaf bread which is usually rectangular in its common shape.

There are various types of this but the best pan to get are non-stick and are made of materials that are suitable for baking goods such as bread.

This equipment is great for loaf bread, pound cakes, and more.

The Top Bread-Making Tools

Oven Mitts

Some bakers use towels to get their pans and bread dishes but it is important to use mitts.

Mittens protect your hands in handling hot dishes and pans to avoid getting burnt. They also help you to avoid dropping your pans.

There are many types of heat-resistant oven gloves such as mittens that are made from silicone, aramid fabric, neoprene, and cotton. 

They can also have designs making your baking session more fun and cute looking!

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The Top Bread-Making Tools

Mixing bowls

Last, but not least are the convenient mixing bowls. Of course, coming from the name, they are used to mix ingredients and help us to handle and prepare food.

There are various types of mixing bowls such as stainless steel, bowls that have great grips or lids, as well as glass ones and so much more. 

Sizes can also vary from the smallest to the large ones. Most likely is to get large bowls if you love making larger batches or you own a business. But either way, you can get the ones that are more suitable and convenient for you.

These bowls are truly great to make fillings and coatings for your tasty bread, even mixing the ingredients in making baked goods.

They can also be used for storing and putting dough that is rising. Just pop some reusable covers.

They are usually lightweight and durable equipment best for mixing your favorite ingredients with bread.

The tools listed above should help you get started making your own bread at home. With a little practice, you’ll be able to make delicious, fresh loaves of bread that will rival anything from the bakery.

Have you tried any of these methods or tools?

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